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CONSTRICTOR is ideal for realisation of this process


    • Cell cultures are treated gently
      • High accuracy
        • Economical, fast and efficient
          • Exact to diameter 0.2 mm


Microbiological laboratories for collection of cell cultures.

This new station automates the time-consuming, difficult constricting procedure.

Test-tubs with the following dimensions - Outside diameter: 14 - 14.5 mm

- Length : 128 - 136 mm

- Wall thickness: 1 mm

can be constricted to a diameter of 0.2 mm.

The test-tube is constricted to a capillary with controlled dimensions. The constrictor makes it possible, that the prepared "cell culture" can be sealed after the preservation by freeze drying under vacuum.

Advantages of CONSTRICTOR

  • CONSTRICTOR uses normal test-tubs and no expensive special glass.
  • CONSTRICTOR supplies fast and precise results.
  • CONSTRICTOR is simple and easy to use and has a compact form.


CONSTRICTOR makes the cost effective collection of cell cultures possible.

How does the CONSTRICTOR work on principle?

  1. The test-tube with the cell culture is placed on rolls and the constrictor is started.
  2. The rotating test-tube is heated up with the burner until it is red-hot.
  3. The test-tube is constricted to a diameter of 0.2 mm by a lever mechanism.

Operating Instructions

We are able to produce specialized ampoule constrictor for ampoules other than the standard.

To make you an offer and to enable us to adjust the ampoule constrictor for your specific needs and requirements,

please download the following questionnaire (PDF-document) and return the completed form to us. Questionnaire

Technical data

Dimensions: 440 mm x 360 mm x 260 mm

Shipping weights: 15 kg

Power: 220 V/50 Hz (110 V/60 Hz)

Gas: 0.08 - 0.1 bar

Air: 0.8 - 1.2 bar

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